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WE value the selection, positioning, educating, and continuity of talented professionals

NAM LIONG GROUP views "human resource" as the utmost important element to keep the enterprise competitive in the market. On talent management, NAM LIONG GROUP puts emphasis on the implementation of talented professionals' selection, positioning, educating, and continuity programs, with an evaluation mechanism that aims to evolve and adjust with global trends.
NAM LIONG GROUP's business from six major industries provides its employees ample opportunities for innovation and growth. Through the Group's holistic approach to talented professionals' selection, positioning, educating, and continuity programs, employees participate in a comprehensive training curriculum; through the clarity of promotion process, employees enjoy an environment that encourages self-motivation and growth. The "know-how" and knowledge shall endure, accumulate, and be passed down for new ideas and to strengthen the human resource system.

COMPLETE career development system

NAM LIONG GROUP's business encompasses six major industries with an extensive reach around the world. Thus the diversity of employee members, as well as individual's skill for coping international business, are required when recruiting. Employees of NAM LIONG GROUP will benefit from a complete training and career development plan. Through various tools and platforms inside the Group's network, knowledge can be shared. The NAM LIONG GROUP also established the NAM LIONG College of Training & Education to cultivate leadership for future managerial positions. The curriculum is carefully designed for enrolled employees to receive successive training sessions; a credit-based system is used to determine performance goal, constructing a complete plan for continuous career learning.

FAVORABLE salaries/benefits and working environment

NAM LIONG GROUP accentuates adjusting salary through merit and performance, offering favorable salaries and benefits beyond competitor companies to outstanding individuals, to motivate employees to exercise their full potential. Furthermore, the Group also provides an attractive working environment and benefits to recruit both domestic and international talented professionals, in the hope for them to succeed hand-in-hand with the company, and to build a promising future together.