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Sports & Leisure Apparel and Accessories Industry
Sports & Leisure Apparel and Accessories Industry owned company
Tronjen Technology Inc.
TRONJEN TECHNOLOGY INC. is one of subsidiaries of Tiong Liong Corporation whose parent company is Nam Liong Group. We are not only certified for GMP, ISO13485, CE and FDA to manufacture medical products, but also qualified as OEM and ODM manufacturer for various well-known international brands. Main product line includes medical tape, wound dressing, breathable waterproof film and scar care dressing. Our research and development team covers professionals from the background of polymeric materials, biomedical materials, chemical and mechanical engineering. We are devoted to develop highly applicable and high value-added medical products.
Fuqing Hong Liong Textile Technology Co., Ltd, established in Hong Kuan Gong Ye Cun, Fuqing Shi, Fuzhou Shi, Fujian Sheng, China, in 1993, is one of NAM LIONG GROUP's business groups. Fuqing Hong Liong Textile has an authorized capital of USD $21.8 million and has a land that occupies 120,000 square meters. Fuqing Hong Liong Textile boasts a garden-style landscape and modernized factories and offices that house 750 employees and officers. Fuqing Hong Liong Textile has leading-edge weaving, dyeing and finishing equipment, including warping machines, German-made warp knitting machines, circular knitting machines, dyeing machines, relaxation machines, finishing equipment, raising machines, brushless machines, stereotypes machines, automatic packaging machines, etc. Fuqing Hong Liong 's monthly production capacity is more than 800 tons. With a pragmatic attitude, standardized operation procedure and excellent infrastructure, including adequate physical and chemical testing laboratory, cutting-edge playing color equipment and proper sewage treatment system, Fuqing Hong Liong has established a trustworthy image iwith domestic and foreign brands. Fuqing Hong Liong boasts an excellent research and development team and is the R&D center of the textile technology in China. Fuqing Hong Liong has won the "Technological Contribution to Chinese Knitting Industry Award" for developing functional and comfortable sportswear and high-end materials for underwear, such as multi-functional series, breathable series, ultra-soft series, elastic series, fashion series, environmental protection series, healthcare series, etc. Fuqing Hong Liong, certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, Oeko-Tex® and 100 other international standards, has acquired a wide array of patents for its inventions; for example, Fuqing Tiong Liong invented an imitation woven knitted fabrics and its manufacturing method. Fuqing Hong Liong has received much honor including Technological Contribution to Chinese Knitting Industry Award and Contribution to Innovative Product Development Award. By providing excellent products and honest services, Fuqing Hong Liong has earned the trust of the Western, Japanese and Mainland Chinese brands and has become their long-term partner.
Shanghai Guanqiao Textile Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Guanqiao Textile Co.,Ltdis a U-Long's marketing department of the material business group in Shanghai City. With U-Long's slogan- "Lead with more innovation and win with better technology"- as its core value, Shanghai Guanqiao Textile provides the best and the most professional functinoal fabric (both long fiber and short fiber) for renowned domestic brands in Mainland China and world famous international brands.
Dongguan Nan You Sporting Goods Enterprise Ltd.
Dongguan Nan You Sporting Goods Enterprise Ltd.was founded in December 2005 in Donguan, Guangzhou Provice, China. It's a subsidiary of TIEN JIANG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.. The company is located in Lingxia Precint of Liaobu Township. There are currently more than 900 employees in the company. The offices are equipped with modernized facilities. The workshops feature an array of 1500 foreign advanced production machines. The company is well equipped, has sufficient supply, sits in a decent neighborhood and is well managed. Dongguan Nan You Sporting Goods Enterprise Ltd. specializes in producing sports kneepads, medical protective gears and health protection gears and selling them to American and European countries. 
DONGGUAN HONG YI Composite Material Enterprise Ltd.
HONG YI used to be Tien Jiang Composite Material Factory founded in May, 2000. However, with an increase in sales and the depreciation of old production lines, the company moved to its current location and was renamed HONG YI. DONGGUAN HONG YI Composite Material Enterprise Ltd. was established in May 2007 in Liaobu Township, Donguan City, Guangdong Province and is a subsidiary of TIEN JIANG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.. DONGGUAN HONG YI 's major products are the composite materials (with Carbon fiber/fiberglass/epoxy as its base). DONGGUAN HONG YI is one of the first manufacturers to largely apply composite materials on sneakers, which are mostly for NIKE, ADIDAS and UA, is the biggest supplier for NIKE. HONG YI 's materials are widely used in NIKE's JORDAN series, KOBE series and LEBRON series. For the moment, ADIDAS is the brand that has stricter requirements on the strength, lightness and accuracy of its shoes. UA will also cooperate with HONG YI in the future on an advanced high-tech shoe models. In the shoe-making industry, HONG YI is the beacon of high quality and state-of-the-art technology and the leader in fashion.
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Sports & Leisure Apparel and Accessories Industry
Sports & Leisure Apparel and Accessories Industry owned company
Tronjen Technology Inc.
Shanghai Guanqiao Textile Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Nan You Sporting Goods Enterprise Ltd.
DONGGUAN HONG YI Composite Material Enterprise Ltd.
Xu Tai Sports Bag Co., Ltd.
Proprene Sproting Good Co., Ltd.
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Seamate® - Rubber sponge materials
Thermoplastic sponge materials
ECO-Sponge™ – Eco-friendly certificate rubber sponge
BIO-II™ – USDA approved bio-based rubber sponge
ECoreBond™ - Lightweight eco-friendly foam laminate
7K Foam Composite Material Environmental Friendly
Abrasion Resistant Fabric series
Fire Retardant Fabrics
Stretchable Fabric series
Reflective Fabric series
Puncture Resistant Fabric
High Performance Yarn
Webbing series
Nanoband & Anti-EM Wave Fabric series
Nanoband & Anti-EM Wave Fabric series
TPU Membrane
TPEE Membrane
Microporous Membrane
Functional Membrane
Bio-Base Membrane
Laminated Fabric
Specially Processed Hook And Loop
Back To Back Fastener Tape
Adhesive Backed Hook and Loop
Specialty Fasteners
Elastic Loop Tapes
Brushed Loop Fabric
D.I.Y. Hook & Loop Package
X-SlipTex™ - Recycled neoprene treated fabric
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